Chikara Wado Karate Club
Developing individuals and Families
since 1987
The Club
The club first opened its doors in November 1987 shortly after I achieved my first dan grade (1st black belt).  The club has moved around the city from location to location several times since then and currently has a few homes scattered around communities in Hull and I also work with primary schools contributing to the health, fitness and discipline of their pupils at after school clubs.
Chikara Wado Ryu is slightly different from many clubs in that we offer a family feel to sessions, Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters, adults and children of all ages train together to help forge a community feel to the way we learn and progress.
The club, as well as producing very skilled and fit students, being good fun, working the mind and the body, also facilitates the opportunity for students, when ready to participate, in local, national and international competitions.  Myself and 2 of my student recently competed at the Wadokai World Cup 2015 in Nagoya, Japan and will also be taking part in the Wadokai European competition in Budapest in October 2015.  You will see from our gallery an indication of our achievements at competitions around the country.
We form part of Wado UK, a local independent Karate association lead by Mr. John Morton 8th Dan   Former-All styles England International & GB World Championship squad member.
Our Chief Instructor.
Steve began training at the age of 17 with the E.KA. (English Karate Association) and was immediately obsessed.  He worked tirelessly night and day for 6 years until he passed my 1st dan (first black belt) at the age of 23 and around this time got selected for the E.K.A. National squad, fighting both in England and in Europe.  He went on to be ranked 4 in the light weight division at E.K.B. level before a knee temporarily stalled his early competitive career.  His competitive streak was re-kindled this year when he was selected to take part in the Wadokai World Cup in Nagoya Japan where He managed to reach the quarter finals in the ‘Super Veterans’ section.  Steve will be competing with his students in Budapest at the Wadokai Europeans in October 2015.
Currently 5th Dan, and qualified EKF Head Coach and CRB checked.